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"An enlightening, accessible science roundup combined with an intriguing metaphysical exploration." -Kirkus Reviews

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 stars -San Francisco Book Review

How do our inner experiences relate to the outer, material world? Is there an order to nature that extends beyond physics into the realm of subjective experience?

Discover a groundbreaking exploration at the crossroads of science and metaphysics. This pioneering work (the first in The Language of Truth series) offers a harmonious framework that bridges our inner consciousness with the tangible physical world. Accessible to scholars and laypersons alike, Sattari's lucid prose invites readers on a journey where ancient wisdom and modern rationalism meet to reveal the intricate fabric of reality.

In this volume Sattari presents a profound metaphysical system, a unifying theory that integrates conscious experience with the material world. The book traces humanity's intellectual evolution from deity-centric beliefs to empirical science, unraveling the complex interplay between our subjective experience and the physical universe. Transcending a mere theoretical discussion, it provides a practical guide to understanding our place in the cosmos, and a pathway to achieving peace in the human experience.

Key aspects of the book include:

  • A historical perspective on our evolving view of reality, from divine entities to rationalistic science.
  • Deep insights into the relationship between subjective experience and the natural order, as well as limitations of current scientific methodologies.
  • An examination of the role of the senses in perceiving reality, emphasizing a duality between sense and reason.
  • The profound impact of consciousness on physical and biological systems, including DNA and individual identity.
  • An exploration of the contrasts and underlying unity between living (animate) and non-living (inanimate) entities.
  • Insights into the evolution of consciousness in nature.
  • Thought-provoking discussions on the purpose of peace in human consciousness and its role in the natural world.

More than a book, The Science of Energy is a deep and thoroughgoing exploration of the entire cosmic order, revealing a fundamental duality at the heart of our universe. It stands as a beacon in our quest to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and our own place within it, offering a journey that promises to enlighten, inspire, and transform.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798989627516
Publisher: Pragda Press
Publication Date: December 31st, 2023
Pages: 244
Language: English

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