When the Whole World Tips: Parenting through Crisis with Mindfulness and Balance (Paperback)

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"A wise, welcoming book. Hard-fought and friendly, it provides practical instructions on how to stay centered when our children are suffering."
—Anne Lamott, bestselling author

Move from helplessness to stability in challenging times through the practice of mindful equanimity. By adopting a spiritual approach to parenting and caregiving, you can protect yourself from burnout, increase your resilience, and develop a greater sense of empathy and balance. Drawn from Buddhist wisdom, this new approach to showing up in overwhelming circumstances is about slowing down, letting go of the illusion of control, and caring for yourself so that you can be a presence of love and support even in the most difficult moments.

We love our children more deeply than our own selves, yet are powerless to keep them from pain. Drawing from her own experience parenting her children through clinical depression,  suicidal ideation, and physical injury, Celia Landman guides parents at their limit back from helplessness toward stability through the ancient practice of equanimity, or balance.

Contemporary neuroscience and developmental psychology research demonstrates how a parent’s state of anxiety is directly communicated to the child and can intensify their pain. When the Whole World Tips is rich with real life examples from parents in the midst of caring for children in crisis, plentiful resources, and helpful exercises. Each chapter offers accessible practices for parents to care for themselves in order to remain present for their children.

Landman gently guides parents to restore their own balance by keeping their hearts open and their hands loose on the wheel of control as their child’s life unfolds. This shift into equanimity can bring relief to both child and parent.

Woven throughout are practices to help parents experience how their emotional state of being is as important as what they do; when we recognize that being a presence of love and care is already doing something of great value, we can reconnect with purpose and restore our trust that we are capable and enough.

About the Author

Celia Landman is a mindfulness educator offering support to teens and adults. Celia draws from her range of experience working with folks impacted by trauma, addiction, and anxiety creating customized meditation, visualizations, and trainings to reconnect us to our wholeness. Mindfulness has brought greater happiness and stability to Celia's life and her greatest aspiration is to help others recognize their true nature of love and ability. Celia lives in Litchfield, Connecticut.

Praise For…

Praise for When the Whole World Tips:

“I wish I’d had this wise, welcoming book when I was raising my child! It is a mindfulness teacher’s practical instructions on how to stay centered when our children are suffering. Hard-fought and friendly, it is a sweet, useful introduction to Buddhism.”
—Anne Lamott, author of Bird by Bird

"In a society that stigmatizes sustained mental health challenges, Celia Landman bravely and beautifully shares the meaningful lessons she has learned as a parent, clinician and practitioner with grace and clarity. This book is an extremely useful practice guide for family members, caregivers and sangha friends who love someone struggling with mental health challenges. This is a valuable contribution to the very important conversation about mental health in our community and in the world. It is a true gem!"
—Karen Hilsberg, PhD, clinical psychologist

“This book is a lovely, life-saving resource for parents (or anyone in crisis) looking to find their own unique and authentic way through difficult life circumstances.”
—Sarah Peyton, certified NVC trainer and author of Your Resonant Self

“In her wise and tender book, Celia Landman offers us a guide to riding the waves of suffering with mindfulness. For those who are suffering or caring for a suffering loved one, please know that this is not a feel-good book to read and pass on to a friend. It's a book to practice with, to come back to again and again and, with deeper awareness, peel away the next layer of denial, fear, or helplessness to open your heart that much wider.”
—Richard Brady, mindfulness teacher and author of the forthcoming Short Journey Home

“In this generous book, Celia Landman reveals how the timeless wisdom of the Buddha helped her navigate seemingly impossible parenting situations. Above all, she learned that caring for herself was the best thing she could do for others. The author offers simple, on-the-spot practices for readers to do the same in their own lives. If caregiving ever leaves you feeling overwhelmed, please give yourself this book right away!”
—Christopher Germer, PhD, lecturer at Harvard Medical School and coauthor of The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook

“Discover how to navigate the challenges of parenting in times of crisis with mindfulness and an open heart. This invaluable guide provides essential tools and insights to help you stay grounded, cultivate resilience, and nurture you and your children's well-being, even in the midst of uncertainty. One take away from the book: with gratitude all things become more possible!”
—Jim Manske, certified nonviolent communication trainer and author of Pathways to Nonviolent Communication

Product Details
ISBN: 9781952692550
ISBN-10: 1952692555
Publisher: Parallax Press
Publication Date: November 21st, 2023
Pages: 224
Language: English

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