Epic Homesteading: Your Guide to Self-Sufficiency on a Modern, High-Tech, Backyard Homestead (Paperback)

Epic Homesteading: Your Guide to Self-Sufficiency on a Modern, High-Tech, Backyard Homestead By Kevin Espiritu Cover Image
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Followed by millions @epicgardening, Author Kevin Espiritu has built a modern, high-tech homestead on a modest urban lot. In Epic Homesteading, he teaches you how to do the same, wherever you live.

As Kevin has proven—thanks to his enthusiasm and willingness to experiment—there’s no need to go “back to the land,” live off-grid, and leave behind modern conveniences to improve your self-sufficiency and autonomy. Anyone can do it.

Follow in Kevin’s footsteps with this accessible, beginner-friendly guide to embracing today’s technology to grow and preserve food, raise mini livestock like bees and chickens, set up automated systems like irrigation and greywater recycling, and so much more.

The high-tech homesteading concepts and projects introduced in Epic Homesteading show you that, wherever you are in the world—city, country, or suburbia—homesteading is for YOU!

Learn how to:
  • Use solar power 
  • Automate rainwater catchment and distribution
  • Set up your food-growing spaces, outdoors and in 
  • Plant and care for a small orchard, including pest management
  • Cultivate microgreens and sprouts
  • Keep bees, chickens, and quail 
  • Use laundry and shower greywater in the garden
  • Preserve food
  • Seek out and utilize free resources 
  • Maximize energy efficiency through a mini-split system, smart lighting, and timers

Plus, you’ll find large and small step-by-step DIY projects to power-up your homestead quickly. As an added bonus, Kevin also shares advice on more complex subjects, such as investigating local zoning regulations and permitting requirements, staying organized, understanding your limitations, and designing your homestead for efficiency and beauty.

Learn how to make an epic homestead of your own and, as Kevin likes to say, “Keep on Growing!” For more small-space gardening advice from Kevin, check out his other books, Field Guide to Urban Gardening and Grow Bag Gardening

About the Author

Kevin Espiritu is an urban gardener, plant lover, and the founder of Epic Gardening, a website dedicated to a goal of teaching 10,000,000 people around the world how to grow their own plants. He focuses on practical growing methods and demystifying all of the complex terminology and processes into simple, easy-to-follow guides. Kevin is also the author of Field Guide to Urban Gardening and Grow Bag Gardening.

Praise For…

“This book is sure to inspire, motivate and educate anyone who wants to start a homestead, no matter how small or large. Because of the care taken to encourage growing in climates of all types. (Including metric conversions and discussion of growing zones) this is not just a book for U.S. gardeners and homesteaders. The world over will befit from Kevin's insights that are based on his actual experiences.” —Diane Blazek, Executive Director, National Garden Bureau—Diane Blazek, Executive Director, National Garden Bureau

“Kevin’s Epic Homesteading book is a comprehensive guide to food growing, small livestock keeping, and harvest preservation written in his famous, easy-to-understand, and realistic way of delivering information that will improve your homesteading knowledge. Get into it!” —Mark Valencia from @selfsufficientme 
 —Mark Valencia from @selfsufficientme

"Every now and then, a book comes along that reshapes our understanding and ignites a passion. This comprehensive guide to homesteading is just that. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just dipping your toes into the world of self-sufficiency, this book covers it all — from choosing the perfect garden spot to reaping bountiful harvests both indoors and out, from establishing a thriving orchard to understanding energy systems. The depth of topics like composting, water conservation, mini livestock rearing, and food preservation ensures that every aspect of self-sufficient living is covered. But what sets this book apart is its step-by-step approach, making the dream of running a productive homestead achievable for anyone. Equip yourself with the best resource available; it's not just a book, it's a journey to a self-sustained future. Highly recommended for anyone keen on embracing the full homesteading experience and it inspired even me to scale up my small urban garden in London, UK" —Alessandro Vitale, Founder CEO, Spicymoustache
 —Alessandro Vitale, Founder & CEO, Spicymoustache

"...readers will find some good suggestions on what to consider when going green. It’s a competent introduction to living off the land."Publishers Weekly

Product Details
ISBN: 9780760383766
ISBN-10: 0760383766
Publisher: Cool Springs Press
Publication Date: January 9th, 2024
Pages: 224
Language: English

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